​Homes become available nearly every day at Woonbedrijf. Most are in Eindhoven but we also rent a lot of homes in the surrounding area. Applying for a home is easy and free of charge.


No internet access? You can apply for a home at the Woonwinkel housing office.The address is Wal 2 in Eindhoven.


Register in order to apply

If you want to apply for a home, you first need to register with Woonbedrijf as a person seeking housing. This is free of charge and quickly organized.


The longer you have been registered with Woonbedrijf, the greater your chance of a home. Each home is given to the person with the longest registration time out of the applicants for that home. Please note that in some cases other conditions apply, such as age.


Read all about registering and your registration time.


Applying for homes

All homes that have become available can be found in our available housing list. Each home stays on the website for seven days. If you view the housing list on a fixed day of the week, you will not miss any homes. You can apply for 3 homes at the most at any given time.


In 'Mijn reacties' ('My applications') you can view the homes you have applied for and you can see what chance you have of getting that home. You can also cancel an application provided the advertisement is still online.


Assessment interview

A few days after the end of the advertisement period you can see in 'Mijn reacties' ('My applications') whether you are in the top 10 and whether you therefore have a chance of getting that home. Are you in with a chance? If so, you will receive a message from us inviting you for an interview and a viewing.


Please note: if it becomes apparent during the interview that your details are incorrect, your address for example, then the offer will be withdrawn. We also ask for a statement of income no older than 2 years. You can request this free of charge via the Belastingtelefoon (Tax phone line) on 0800-0543.


Urgently seeking a home

In our available housing list you can see all homes available for immediate rental. Your registration time does not count for these. These are often private sector homes, with a monthly rent higher than the housing benefit ceiling.


In an emergency situation, you may be entitled to urgent consideration. You then have priority for a home. Read the conditions for urgent consideration carefully if you want to request this.


Automatic application

We have an extra service for the 55 plus age group - the automatic application request. You specify which senior housing complex you would like to live in and we automatically apply for you if a home becomes available in that complex.