​Are you looking for housing? If so, you can register as a person seeking housing free of charge with Woonbedrijf. It is easy to register online and once you have registered you can apply for any Woonbedrijf homes that have become available.


If you do not have access to the internet or if you prefer to fill in the form together with one of our staff, you are welcome to come to the Woonwinkel housing office. The address is Wal 2 in Eindhoven.


Registration and costs

Anyone aged 18 years or older can register themselves free of charge. There are four ways of registering:


After registering you will receive a confirmation email. Make a note of your user name and password; you will need these to apply for homes! You can apply from our available housing list. Would you like more details on how to apply for homes? Read all about applying for homes.


Building up registration time

The longer you have been registered, the greater your chance of a home. If you have the longest registration time out of all the applicants for that home, and you meet all other (if any) applicable conditions, then you get that home.


The amount of registration time needed depends on the home you apply for. The average registration time required is displayed in every home advertisement. However, this is an estimate so you can apply even if you have less registration time.


Notifying us of changes

Have your details changed? Amend your application by updating these details as quickly as possible. Please note that if you are actually offered a home and your details are incorrect, the offer will be withdrawn. You can notify us of some changes online in ‘Mijn Woonbedrijf’. For other amendments please contact customer service on 040-2434343 or visit the Woonwinkel housing office.


Reinstating registration time following a move

When you move, your registration time always expires. However, in some cases - depending on the type of move - it is possible to have your registration time 'reinstated'.


A move to independent accommodation

Independent accommodation is accommodation with its own kitchen, shower and toilet. You start building up registration time again from the date of your move so please notify us in a timely manner. If, for example, you notify us of your move six months later, we cannot backdate your registration time to the date of the move.


A move to dependent accommodation or one with a temporary contract

If you are not living in independent accommodation at your new address or if you have a temporary contract, you do not lose any registration time due to the move. However, you do have to notify us of the move on time (in your application) and submit a request to reinstate your registration time.
You ask for reinstatement of your registration time by following the steps below:

  1. Ask for the ‘Verzoek herstel inschrijftijd’ (Request to reinstate registration time) form at our Woonwinkel housing office or from customer service on 040-2434343.
  2. Fill the form in completely. Make sure that you answer all the questions for each address.
  3. Attach a certificate of residence from the council register with an overview of your addresses (this is called an 'uittreksel uit het bevolkingsregister' and you can request it from your local council or 'gemeente') and include proof for all homes, for example a rental contract showing that the accommodation is dependent accommodation.
  4. Send all items to the address stated on the form or deliver them to the Woonwinkel housing office. We will check all the information given and get in touch with you.

Please note: we always check your details during the assessment interview. If your address and/or registration time are incorrect, the offer for the home will be withdrawn.


Bonus rule for reliable tenants

Have you been renting from Woonbedrijf for more than 10 years? And are you registering as a person seeking housing? Then you will receive 'bonus months' in the form of extra registration time meaning that you will be able to find a new home more quickly. The number of bonus months you receive depends on the number of years you have been renting your current home:

  • Have you been renting your home for 10 years? Then we will increase your registration time by one year.
  • For every rental year over 10 years, we will increase the registration time by one month.

For example: If you have been living in your current Woonbedrijf home for 25 years and you register as a person seeking housing, your bonus will be 2 years and 3 months - one year for the first 10 years and 15 months for every following year.


Terminating your registration

Send a letter stating your registration number and requesting that your registration be terminated, along with a copy of proof of identity to:

Stichting Woonbedrijf SWS Hhvl
Postbus 280
5600 AG Eindhoven

You will receive confirmation once your registration has been terminated.