​Priority for renting a home

Are you urgently looking for a home? Do you have an emergency situation whereby you can no longer stay in your current home? In genuine cases, as a person seeking housing you can request urgent consideration.


To request urgent consideration, you can contact one of the Housing Associations in Eindhoven. Do you want to request urgent consideration at Woonbedrijf? Please visit our Woonwinkel housing office (adress: Wal 2 in Eindhoven). The request costs €45,00. We will repay this cost if you actually receive urgent status. In such cases the Eindhoven Housing Associations help you find a rental home within six months.


Conditions for urgent consideration

It goes without saying that not everyone can receive urgent consideration status. You may be eligible if you meet the following minimum conditions:

  • Your (joint) annual income is lower than €38.000.
  • You have no possibility of either buying a home yourself or renting one from a private landlord or estate agent.
  • You (or your partner) have not received urgent consideration status in the year before the request.
  • You (or your partner) are not on the Eindhoven Housing Associations 'Sancties & Kansenlijst' (Sanctions and Appraisal List). 
  • You have been living in Eindhoven for at least one year or you are financially or socially tied to Eindhoven. Examples of social or financial ties include a previous long-term and uninterrupted period of living in Eindhoven, or having a work contract for at least one year for a job in Eindhoven. Social ties also include situations where you are dependent on informal care by someone in Eindhoven or if you yourself provide informal care in Eindhoven.

Should you not meet these conditions but still feel that a home in Eindhoven really would be the solution to your problem, you can still request urgent consideration. In that case you should submit your request to the urgent consideration commission Woonruimteverhuur rather than to us. This panel assesses whether your situation is in fact urgent and whether or not you actually need to live in Eindhoven.


Assessment by the urgent consideration commission Woonruimteverhuur

Even if you meet all the conditions, you do not necessarily receive urgent consideration status immediately. Your request and your situation are carefully assessed by Woonruimteverhuur, an independent urgent consideration commission.  Four to six weeks later you will receive a message from the urgent consideration commission letting you know whether you have been granted urgent consideration status.


What do you need to include in your request for urgent consideration?

If you request urgent consideration from us or from the urgent consideration commission Woonruimteverhuur, you have to prove that you need urgent consideration. You therefore need to bring the following papers with you:

  • A description of your situation and what you have already tried in order to search for a home.
  • Your passport or proof of identity.
  • A certificate of residence from the council register (uittreksel uit het bevolkingsregister) stating the composition of your family and your history. You can obtain this certificate of residence from your local council (gemeente).
  • Papers which clearly show the financial situation of both you and your partner. For example, wage slips or benefit papers.
  • A statement of income (previously the IB60 form). You can obtain this from the Tax Authorities (Belastingdienst).
  • Your registration as a person seeking housing with us and/or housing associations.
  • A statement from your employer (if you are requesting urgent consideration due to your work.)
  • A divorce agreement signed by both partners, a certificate of termination of a registered partnership and/or a signed parenting plan. You only need to bring these papers if you are requesting urgent consideration due to a separation.
  • Bring any other papers that demonstrate the severity or the particular circumstances of your situation.